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Cultural Appropriation or Storytelling?

By Cynthia Morrow / December 1, 2022 / Comments Off on Cultural Appropriation or Storytelling?

How do we learn about other cultures? Do we only take in what we have personally seen and experienced? Do we read about them, learn the language, study the art and artifacts, listen critically to their music, or try to create within another culture entirely? This is probably the prickliest topic there is for anyone…

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Setting Things Right

By Cynthia Morrow / September 28, 2022 / Comments Off on Setting Things Right

This autumn has stirred in some unexpected areas of the American psyche a fresh appreciation of Indigenous culture, the foods, the languages, and the teachings of the First People on whose lands we, the newcomers, reside. It’s not merely a personal awakening. There seems to have been a subtle but noticeable shift in our cultural…

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Learning Lushootseed

By Cynthia Morrow / September 3, 2022 / Comments Off on Learning Lushootseed

Wind blowing through treetops, the snap of a dry twig, water rushing along a rocky streambed, these are among the many sounds of nature replicated by Lushootseed, the language of the Coast Salish people of the Pacific Northwest. It bears no relation to languages born in Europe, Africa, or Asia. Although it has existed for…

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