Cooking From The August Garden

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had several heat waves this summer. The fires burning in Canada and throughout the west have also impacted our air quality, so no one is running around outdoors the way we usually do. Nevertheless, our orchards and gardens have continued to produce, so using this time in our kitchens to create wonderful foods to freeze and enjoy all year has been a great way to spend our indoor time.

Conrad Bailey lives on Whidbey Island, where he has a small orchard with apples, cherries, figs, and plums, all of which grow well in this climate. His garden is full of lavender ready to harvest, and the rosemary has gone wild from all the heat. Bringing his produce down to Blanchard House is his way of showing appreciation for all the meals and special occasions that he’s shared there with Althea, Grace, and all their friends. One afternoon he and Althea got together in the spacious Blanchard House kitchen and created a fabulous pie filling from everything he’d brought with him from Whidbey Island. It’s called “Conrad’s Lavender & Rosemary Apple Pie Filling,” and it’s just one of the free Blanchard House recipes available for download on our website: We hope you’ll subscribe to our Giveaway Page under the Blanchard House tab and enjoy making these recipes in your own home. After all, Blanchard House is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and a place for imagination to bloom.

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